First Pitch Planning is ready to be the Chief Financial Officer during all phases of your financial life.  Planning for college, retirement, or whatever other goals you family may have, we will work with you to develop the right plan and help you stick with it.

In addition, First Pitch is ready to assist in individual  tax preparation as well.

Financial Planning

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Tax Services

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Bundled Services

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  • Financial Planning
  • Education Planning


  • Retirement Planning
  • Organizing your Financial Life
  • IRS Representation

Planning Services

Financial Planning

A free one-hour consultation is offered to get started, and complete financial plans can be developed for all phases of your financial life, as each phase has special challenges.

Whether you are new parents, nearing retirement, or a retiree, it is important to have a professional review your current holdings, determine your savings needs, and ensure you are taking advantage of all tax benefits that may be available.

 The base price for full financial plans is $1,500 per year.     

Worried you can’t afford a financial plan? You can: we’ve got several options. Many clients need help with one or two aspects of their financial lives, and for you an affordable plan can be designed and presented for $450 or less.

Mini-plans, focused plans, and plans for special circumstances can be designed based on an hourly fee. 

Tax Preparation

Personal and Small Business Tax Preparation


Tax planning is a very important facet of your overall financial strategy.  First Pitch offers a one-stop shop to integrate your tax prep with your financial plans, with one bundled price for both.  If you are interested in tax prep only, prices start at $300 per tax return for a basic Individual return.  Business returns are slightly higher, and priced based on complexity of the return.


Bundled Services

Bundled Planning and Tax Services

Tax planning and management is a key facet of your overall financial strategy. Why not utilize First Pitch as a one-stop shop for both services?  Bundled planning and tax packages start at $1,450, and a monthly subscription plan is available to help manage your monthly cash flow.

Tools & Resources

Use These Tools to Manage Your Own Finances




401k Calculator

Find out how much money you need to retire in order to fulfill your personal retirement income goals, using this free Retirement Calculator.

Home Affordability Calculator

Find out how much you can afford to pay for your new home with our free New Home Calculator. 

Retirement Planner

Quickly determine what you need to do to meet a specific financial goal.


Payment Manager

See how much faster you can pay off your debts using a “rollover method” with our free Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator.

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